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The 13th Street Difference

We Build the Homes we Sell

We are unlike any of our competitors because we are the contractors or our own homes. We aren't selling you someone else's product! Our owner, Brent Wainwright, has been a general contractor for 30+ years. He has his hands in the design and engineering of every home we build.


The pen is in your hand. You are the master craftsman of your own home. 

40 Year of Experience

We've been in business for 40 years. What does that mean for you? We know what we are doing. We have developed a systematic approach to manufacturing our homes. We buy our materials in bulk direct from suppliers, at a far better price than our competitors. We pass those savings on to you, the homeowner. Where similar site-built homes may range anywhere between $100-$140 per square foot, our manufactured homes are half that.

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