Superior Savings

We've been in business for over 30 years. What does that mean for you? We know what we are doing. We have developed a systematic approach to manufacturing our homes. We buy our materials in bulk direct from suppliers, at a far better price than our competitors. We pass those savings on to you, the homeowner. Where similar site-built homes may range anywhere between $100-$140 per square foot, our manufactured homes are half that.

We specialize in turn-key packages. You don't have to stress! As contractors, we are able to complete all of the work ourselves. We eliminate the need for you to do the "running". If you're looking for a Land-and-Home package, we have the resources to locate the perfect property for you; eliminating the need for a realtor. We have your back in handling all legal permitting and documentation requirements on the state and county levels.

Turn-Key Land & Home Packages

We are industry leaders in home efficiency. Our upgraded insulation saves you money in the long term! A recent poll of our homeowners shows savings of 24% in their average utility costs since moving into their new home.

Our Homes are Green

We are unlike any of our competition in that we are the contractors or our own homes. We aren't selling you someone else's product! As a result, the pen is in your hand. You are the master craftsman of your own home. 

We Build on Firm

We live in Florida, so we know the fears associated with Hurricanes and Tropical Storms. With 13th Street Homes, you can rest assured. Your home will never risk displacement or settlement over time. These are not your 1985 trailers; we build on firm foundations and our homes are built to Wind Zone level 3 standards.


Reasons To Choose 13th Street

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